When Hal, a victim of a small plane crash in the Minnesota Northwoods, first met Gabe, the earliest EMT on the scene, surviving to see another day was the only thing on his mind. But there is more behind the warm, reassuring smile. Gabe is like a stone dropped into the pond of Hal's life, causing ripples that will change everything forever.

Hal Brentwood is the straight son of an East Coast corporate titan. With his good looks and innocent charm, he’s selected as the family’s ticket into the world of politics.

Gabe Peligo is a triple-trained first responder for the small Northwoods town of Arrowhead Falls. He’s EMT, firefighter, and sometimes police presence in an area that caters to thousands of tourists looking for an escape from their hectic world back home. Saving lives is his life work.

In the hospital following the crash, a spark passes between Hal and Gabe. Outdoor adventures fan a smoldering attraction into flames. Gabe brings Hal to life in ways that he never expected.